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DoctorStrongbad xD

2016-05-04 23:06:34 by Nickisabi

The Final Irony....'

Years ago when I shitposted under the name of Gimmesuga in 2008, I saw many posts by DoctorStrongbad. I thought of him to be an asshole with no sense of humour, and apparently I was never alone in believing so. Even DoctorStrongbad thought so. (Evidence: )

I feel sorrow for him, however. I would like to reach out to you, @DoctorStrongbad for I find you to be a lot like myself. 


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2016-05-05 00:06:52

I've always thought he was a dumbass, especially when he said that "he's the best living legend on NG" i mean how the fuck are you the best if you contribute with nothing but forum shit posts and reviews? and just how can he call himself the best if he uses alts to praise himself all the time because no body would actually do that? you've got to be retarded to consider a person like that the best living legend, he's more the like the most legendary failure of all time but no, no i'm just "a sad, jealous person, a hater with no life and i'll never bring him down" what's even more hilarious about this
It'd be seriously funny if NG went down and he lost all of his stats that he earned by doing shit like posting the same thing over and over again at the new user introduction thread and voting randomly and making shitty reviews and bumping his topics with random crap or with an alt.
Man this guy is just a huge fucking joke but hey, autists need to feel special about themselves too, in DS's case, he calls himself a "living legend"
seriously, fuck this guy.


2016-06-23 16:00:35

You know what? This changes my opinion about you. You're all right, man.


2016-07-14 11:54:35

TIL he's a decent human. Just maybe.